Founded in 2008, GLN English Center has become one of the most reputable ESL teaching centers, particularly in IELTS training in Hanoi. GLN has been awarded with the Certificate of ISO 9001 – 2008 in October 18 – 2012 by the Bureau Veritas Certification. The company has, in addition, been singled out as the Best IELTS Partner of 2013 – 2014 by The British Council and Best Endeavour Award by IDP Education for its recognition of excellent support and collaboration in 2013.

    Vision and Mission:

    - Vision:

    GLN strives to become one of the leading English Centers in Vietnam and a world class unit in ESL teaching, which provides high-quality General English and IELTS training courses.

    - Mission:

    Our mission is to build a professional and friendly educational environment to facilitate ESL students in practicing their English skills and provide them with the confidence to integrate in the global community. The best IELTS training courses are offered to help them achieve high score in IELTS tests, thus creating better opportunities in higher education and employment.

    Quality policy statement:

    We strive to become the best supplier of ESL teaching and IELTS training courses with best quality and service in Hanoi, with our following commitment:

    - Achieve and enhance customer satisfaction by providing prestigious courses, offer customer the highest efficiency and thoughtful after-sales service.

    - Regularly train managers and staff in order to meet the job requirements and improve the company’s competitiveness.

    - Create a sound and fair work environment so that staff and teachers are able to fully utilize and optimize their full potential and push their career forward.

    - Ensure adequate resources to maintain and constantly enhance the Quality management systems TCVN ISO 9001:2008

    Ideal learning environment:


    Two branches at Keangnam Landmark 72 in Pham Hung Road and Coalimex Building at Trang Thi Street have become popular locations among ESL learners in Hanoi.
    Keangnam Branch boasts of an area of nearly 750 square meters, 20 classrooms and function rooms named after famous countries in the world.

    Another highlight of the Keangnam center is the library. It is designed specifically for self-learning with over 500 titles of English reviewing books from well known Publishers in the world, and has become very popular among students. This area also functions as a place for GLN students and staff to relax after long working hours. 

    Located in the heart of Hanoi, GLN Trang Thi is another branch of GLN that is worth a visit. With nearly 20 classrooms and function rooms, and a special  entertainment zone with a mini golf course and foosball table, GLN Trang Thi has quickly become familiar to English learners in Hanoi. Besides all of these features, one unique characteristic about GLN Trang Thi is the café named “The GLN Coffee Shop” with its beautiful city view attracting many young people come to enjoy. 
    Learning Model:

    After years of teaching English for speakers of other languages, such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Indonesian, and Chinese…, we have come to realize that with a delicate learning model, which has a strictly limited amount of students per class/course, will greatly boost the interaction between students & teachers and allows students to achieve a higher learning outcome. Therefore, GLN has put much effort in research and finally constructed a unique learning model – 1:1, 1:10, 1:12, 1:16. Hence, each student will receive more opportunities to develop each skill, nurture and then fully utilize their English.
    Qualifying Teachers:

    At GLN, the process of recruiting and training teachers is very thorough. All of our teaching members are 100% native English speakers, awarded with TESOL certificates (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and many years of teaching experience. At GLN, students will get to study with our enthusiastic teaching members as well as to experience challenges at different levels throughout the course.

    Professional Advisors:

    One of the impressions that every visitor gets whenever they come to our office or contact us by phone or via online consultation are our professional customer care advisors. With the motto, “Every customer is a friend” in mind, our advisors always care for customers’ demands and then respond as quickly as possible in a proper and friendly manner. We are always keen on fulfilling the customers’ interest as well as to build a better image for GLN.

    Honor students:

    After 3 years in running, we have had over 8,000 students, of which hundreds of them received a remarkably high IELTS score. This is an undeniable proof that GLN has claimed a solid position as an English center:


    Tạ Thanh Hồng: 8.5 IELTS, graduated from Hanoi University: “I chose GLN because after some research, it’s appeared that GLN has a large number of successful IELTS students. But I never thought that what impressed me the most is my teacher. She is so dynamic and funny, she thought of many different ways to increase the interaction between students and keep the course from being boring.”





    doi ngu giao vien - thay Greig Webster


    Đào Hạnh Phương: 8.0 IELTS, studying at Melbourne University, Australia: “I noticed that I made progress everyday ever since I joined an IELTS course from GLN and I’m confident that I my IELTS score at British Council will be around 7.5 to 8.0.”






    Nguyễn Bình An: 8.0 IELTS studying at Ngoại Thương University: “At first, my goal is to reach 6.5 to 7.0 IELTS. But when I studied at GLN center, I realized that my ability is far more capable than that.”







    Vũ Khánh Linh: 8.0 IELTS graduated from Ngoại Thương University: “I have a high hope for the course and it was truly amazing. The study environment as well as teaching methods helped me gain the necessary confident to achieve such an unbelievable score.”






    Phạm Thị Hoàng Giang: 8.0 IELTS studied at Economic University – Hanoi National University: “What makes me happy the most when I participated in GLN’s IELTS course is the learning model. I have never had so many chances to interact with the teachers.”




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