JOLO Education is a member of GLN English Center – the trademark that has 5­year reputation in Hanoi with 4 centers located in the city. At JOLO--a modern learning environment, together with the outstanding quality of our teaching--it sets us apart from other English centers.


    Stepping inside JLO, students can catch a glimpse of familiar images which symbolize various countries in the world like the Sydney Opera House, Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower. Each room is designed with stylish color to create an inspiring atmosphere for better interaction between teachers and students. We possess exceptional equipment, quality sound system, soundproofing walls, as well as projector systems to make the lessons more interesting and comprehensive.

    With the aim of giving a quality service, JOLO continuously offers its clients numerous reference books from reputable publishers to supply them with up-to-date English materials to maximize their English training. At JOLO, students can find multiple valuable books about language skills to help them with their self study. We also have computers with internet access and free wifi zones so that students can study online with their laptops, tablets or smart phones.

    Everyone who has experienced studying at JOLO has unanimously shared a positive feeling about the creative learning atmosphere as well as its modern facilities. Since we are aware that the conducive learning conditions are a vital factor for the learning progress of students, JOLO heavily invests in improving our facility so that our center remains the finest English center and the most reliable choice for all who want to study English in Hanoi.

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