- Advanced learning model which has been thoroughly studied and effectively applied: 1 on 1,1 on 10, 1 on 12, 1 on 16.

- Foreign teachers with years of experience teaching IELTS from the US, Australia , New Zealand, Philippines.

- Intensive and practical teaching method: Highly relevant to IELTS test format, highly focused on helping student overcome their weaknesses and enhancing their skills.

- Curriculum compiled by teachers selected within the most updated IELTS materials.

What we offer:

- The effective tactics for IELTS.

- Familiar with the IELTS exam format.

- Improve 4 skills: Reading - Writing - Speaking - Listening

- Improve IELTS result as high as possible: ensure all students gain 0.5 to 1.5 points higher compared to the input results.

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