TOP 30 từ vựng nâng band IELTS chủ đề Nhà ở

Nguồn từ vựng IELTS rất đa dạng, nhưng làm sao để học hiệu quả thì không phải ai cũng biết. Một trong số những phương pháp để ghi nhớ từ vựng nhanh nhất là chia nhỏ chúng ra và các từ vựng tiếng Anh theo chủ đề. Tại trang web của GLN, người học IELTS sẽ thấy các từ vựng được phân loại rất rõ ràng trong từng bài viết, giúp bạn đọc dễ theo dõi hơn. Tại bài viết này, hãy cùng GLN tìm hiểu bộ từng vựng IELTS chủ đề Nhà ở để chinh phục điểm cao nhé! 

TOP 30 từ vựng nâng band IELTS chủ đề Nhà ở

  • (all the) mod cons: technology at home that makes jobs easier such as a washing
  • machine, dishwasher etc.
  • apartment block: a large building made up of smaller units of apartments
  • back garden: a garden at the rear of the house
  • detached house: a house that is not physically connected to another property
  • to do up a property: to repair an old building
  • dream home: a home you regard as perfect
  • first-time buyer: someone buying a property for the first time, especially when taking out a loan (mortgage)
  • fully-furnished: a rented property with all furniture included
  • to get on the property ladder: to buy a property with the aim of buying another bigger or more expensive one later in life
  • hall of residence: a college or university building where students live
  • home comforts: things that make a home feel comfortable to live in
  • house-hunting: looking for a property to live in
  • house-warming party: a party to celebrate moving into a new home
  • ideal home: a perfect home
  • to live on campus: to live on the university or college grounds
  • mobile home: a home that can be moved by a vehicle or one that has its own engine
  • to move into: to begin to live in a property
  • to own your own home: to have bought the property you live in
  • to pay rent in advance: weekly or monthly rent paid at the beginning of the week or month
  • permanent address: a fixed address
  • property market: the buying and selling of land or buildings
  • to put down a deposit: to pay an amount of money as the first in a series of future payments
  • rented accommodation: property owned by someone else and for which a person pays a fixed amount to live in
  • single room: a room for one person
  • spacious room: a large room
  • student digs: student accommodation
  • the suburbs: a residential area on the edge of towns or cities
  • to take out a mortgage: to borrow a large amount of money, paid back over several years, in order to buy a house
  • terraced house: a house connected on both sides by other properties  

Hãy cùng GLN tham khảo bài mẫu dưới đây với chủ đề nhà ở tại phần thi IELTS Speaking nhé!

Part 1 -style questions      

Examiner: Do you live in a house or an apartment?

Callum: Actually I live on campus … in a single room in halls of residence … all first year students are encouraged to do that as they’re close to the university … next year I plan to move into student digs in town …

Examiner: Tell me about where you live.

Julia: I live with my parents in the suburbs of Madrid … we only moved in recently … in fact we had a house-warming party just a few weeks ago …

Examiner: What kind of accommodation do most people live in in your city?

Maria: In the city itself the majority of people live in apartment blocks … that’s what surprised me about England … most people seem to live in terraced houses with lovely back gardens … 

Part 2 -style task      

Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in. You should say

   – what kind of accommodation it would be

   – where it would be

   – who would live there with you

and say why you would enjoy living in this place.

Paolo: I think most people when answering this question would say they’d like to live in a big detached house with spacious rooms … views of the countryside and so on … but actually my ideal home would be a lot different … I’ve always loved the idea of having a mobile home … a really expensive one with all the mod cons … so I could live wherever I wanted or at least have lots of holidays and be able to take all my home comforts with me whenever I travelled … I realise this would have to be a second home as I’d need a base … a permanent address … but the mobile home would be the accommodation I’d find it exciting to live in … I suppose once I settle down and have children I’ll want to get on the property ladder … I’ll be like everyone else … saving up to put down a deposit on a house or an apartment … I don’t think my family would want to live in a mobile home … but I like to think I’ll still keep that dream home in mind …  

Part 3 -style questions     

Examiner: Is it better to own your own home or to rent?

Ana: I think both have their advantages … living in rented accommodation isn’t necessarily a bad thing … you don’t have a huge debt like you do when you take out a mortgage but I suppose the property market offers you an investment for the future … I’m sure that’s why most people prefer to own their own home

Examiner: What options are available to young couples looking for accommodation in your


Toni: If they want to buy their own home it isn’t easy for first-time buyers … mortgages are hard to get so most people live with their parents or in rented accommodation … but that can also be very expensive … you often have to pay rent in advance … and if the accommodation isn’t fully furnished you have the expense of buying furniture …

Examiner: What are some of the pleasures involved in making a home for ourselves?

Suki: I suppose it starts with house-hunting … finding your ideal home … some people enjoy doing up an old property … giving a property that’s old and tired a new lease of life … others like making wherever they live feel like home with some home comforts …  

5 ưu việt của khóa luyện thi IELTS tại GLN:


  • Cung cấp chiến thuật và lượng kiến thức khổng lồ, tạo điều kiện tốt nhất cho việc có thể tự ôn tập tại nhà sau những giờ học trên lớp.


  • Rèn luyện cả 4 kĩ năng với tần suất cao, để học viên làm quen với việc tư duy bằng Anh ngữ.
  • Xây dựng nền tảng tiếng Anh vững chắc, củng cố và hoàn thiện 4 kỹ năng Nghe, Nói, Đọc, Viết, đảm bảo tăng điểm IELTS sau khóa học.
  • Cung cấp những thông tin mới nhất về kỳ thi IELTS,
  • Rèn luyện sự tập trung và giải quyết các vấn đề trong thời gian ngắn khi làm bài thi.



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